First, don't worry!

This page has been designed to give you a heads up on the booking method.

ONCE YOU LEAVE THIS PAGE, you are immediately going to be directed to the Outdoorsy website, and OFF this website.

Before you go, we want you to know what to expect when you get there, ok?

Make sure, however - that if you have NEVER booked a camper through Outdoorsy, you sign up for their service by CLICKING HERE  

(save $50 on the booking fee when doing so)

  1. You can either return to this page FROM Outdoorsy to click on the camper below that you are interested in booking (and be directed to the booking page) or...
  2. just do a location search when on Outdoorsy, and all 6 of our campers will POP UP if you enter Caroga Lake, NY  


They will insist that you become a verified driver.  Do it. 

  • By doing so,  they are providing us with an additonal $75,000 of Comprehensive and Collision insurance BEYOND the Business Insurance VINTAGE CAMPER SHARE provides  (Note: I carry commercial insurance on my Tow Vehicle through Prudential Insurance/AND the campers themselves are covered with Liability, Comprehensive and Collision through Triad Insurance , a leader in the field of RV Insurance providers.
  • IMPORTANT Note: The Insurance Coverage that Outdoorsy professes to cover its' renters (YOU) with is not available in New York State.
  • IF YOU HAVE  any questions about this contact their help desk (a valuable servce provided by them for ANY CONCERNS. 

How do I contact Outdoorsy? Email or call (877) 723-7232. If you need an immediate answer, write a message using our live chat feature located at the bottom right corner of 


Outdoorsy  has upped their reservation requirement fee to $500.00 ON NEWLY LISTED CAMPERS. However, all our campers (except the Bumblebear) are available at a $300 refundable deposit rate. The deposit is returned, minus any damages that may have occurred during your rental, within 5-7 business days.


We ask for  cancellation 7 days prior to the pickup date  You will be refunded 75% of the total costs minus service fees. 50 percent of the reservation costs are fully refundable if you choose to cancel within 7 days on your RV trip.


When you visit the booking site, Outdoorsy makes finding available dates very simple. See photo below.

Save $50 When Booking charges US 20% of your booking fee - and you 10%  for the services they offer you.  To save $50 or more, click onn the button below to sign up for Outdoorsy. 

This can be applied to ANY CAMPER IN THE US or CANADA you rent (not just OUR vintage campers)...

It is the reason why you are seeing this page:

we want to save you money, and make sure you get the camper you want, even if it is not ours!

Why do we use Outdoorsy?

  • Their website is easy to use and navigate.
  • Paperwork is simplified. Money transfers and added work are all done by Outdoorsy.
  • The additional insurance provided does not include a deductible...
  • Great customer service. Responds to queries in a timely manner.

Book  The Bumblebear now, or drop us a line! 

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